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Electrodrive Tug Compact

Electrodrive Tug Compact
Price: AUD $9,449.00 (Ex GST AUD $8,590.00)

Electrodrive Tug Compact is a battery powered tug, which is ideal for moving smaller loads. Is useful in confined spaces where a larger tug cannot be used, and suits document storage, medical carts, bins and linen carts.

Using the tiller handle, the operator walks in front of the load, reducing strain and injuries on back, shoulders and legs and having a clear, unobstructed view, reducing the possibility of a collision. 

Features of Electrodrive Tug Compact

  • Has a smaller footprint than other tugs
  • Can be used in previously inaccessible, smaller spaces
  • Dramatically reduces the risk of injury in the workplace
  • Moves trolleys or wheeled objects weighing up to 500kg safely and efficiently
  • Throttle controlled,Three speed governor for ease of driving
  • Easily attaches to trolleys
  • Has Pin Hitch. Wide variety of other hitches available to suit your trolley (Check Hitching and Accessories )
  • Customised Hitch suits all Pod and Mobile Meal delivery systems for easy use in tight corners
  • Quiet, smooth operation 
  • Zero emissions
  • Low maintenance
  • Simple to use, no drivers licence needed
  • Training and servicing programs available
  • Comprehensive 12 month warranty

Capacity: 500kg
Weight: 110kg
Voltage: 24V
Range: approx. 10km based on workload


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