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Heavy-Duty Battery-Powered Platform Trolley Turnmate1060

Heavy-Duty Battery-Powered Platform Trolley Turnmate1060
Heavy-Duty Battery-Powered Platform Trolley Turnmate1060

Turnmate1060 is a Powered Platform Trolley with a large deck and 6-castor configuration, reducing the turning circle and making it ideal for confined spaces.

The Heavy-Duty Battery-Powered Platform Trolley, specifically the Turnmate1060 model, is an advanced and efficient solution for transporting heavy loads. This platform trolley is equipped with a battery-powered drive system, providing effortless maneuverability and reducing the physical effort required to move heavy items.

Features of Turnmate1060 is a Powered Platform Trolley:

  • The battery-powered drive system allows the trolley to move smoothly and effortlessly, even with heavy loads. 
  • The battery eliminates the need for manual pushing or pulling, reducing strain on the operator and improving overall efficiency.
  • Ideal in confined spaces or narrow aisles, as it pivots on central wheels giving the trolley a 360-degree motion.
  • 400kg capacity
  • Large deck of 1200 x 600mm
  • The rubber mat on the platform is suitable for several applications.
Part No: TURNMATE1060
Capacity: 400kg
Dimensions: 1200 x 600mm
Unit Weight: 84kg
Wheels: 2 x 250mm semi-pneumatic, 4 x 125mm urethane
Handle Height: 970mm

Businesses can use this battery-powered platform trolley to enhance productivity, reduce manual labour, and improve worker safety. It provides a reliable and efficient solution for material handling, ensuring smooth and effortless transportation of heavy loads.

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