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Spill Pallet Covers

Spill Pallet Covers
Price: AUD $372.90 (Ex GST AUD $339.00)

Spill Pallet Covers for out-of-doors protection for Spill Pallet Sumps and their Loads.  
If rainwater enters the Spill Pallet Sump, it cannot do it's job properly. The capacity of the Sump will be limited.

Can be used anywhere that a Spill Pallet with Sump is being used outdoors, where it can be affected by rain and weather.

 Features of Spill Pallet Covers

  • Come in various sizes to suit all spill pallets in the range
  • Constructed from high frequency welded, heavy-duty PVC
  • Stop rainwater from entering the spill sump
  • Protects load from weather
  • Has a shock cord elastic to keep the cover in place, and
    Makes it easy to remove when required
  • Contact our office for information re sizes.

Order Number: TSSBP4LC

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