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Nally Enviropal Plastic Pallet
Price: AUD $234.30 (Ex GST AUD $213.00)

Nally Enviropal Plastic Pallet designed with the food and pharmaceutical industries in mind.

Features Nally Enviropal Plastic Pallet 

  • Made from Recycled Plastics
  • Constructed using Extrusion moulding HDPE
  • Forklift 4 way entry, Pallet jack 2 Way Entry
  • Can be Chemically Sterilised, Steam Cleaned or Hot Washed without any effect to the Corrosion Proof Body
  • One Piece, No Steel Bar Construction, Helps Prevent Contamination at the source, No cracks or crevices to harbour bacteria
  • Unique interlocking Surface

Specifications for Nally Enviropal Plastic Pallet 

Drive-in racking / drive thru pallet racking weight: 1000kg
Beam Racking: 2000kg
Forklift movement (dynamic load): 2000kg
Static storage: 8000kg
Dimensions: 1165 x 1165 x 150mm
Weight:  34kgs
Order Code    NS900

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