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Heavy-Duty 6-Wheels Platform Trolley with Rocking Action
Price: AUD $865.70 (Ex GST AUD $787.00)
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Heavy-Duty 6 Wheels Platform Trolley with rocking action is a specialised platform truck designed to provide exceptional maneuverability by allowing it to spin on its axis. This unique feature enhances the trolley's ability to quickly navigate tight spaces and make sharp turns. 

Features of Heavy-Duty 6 Wheels Platform Trolley with Rocking Action:

  • Rocking action enables it to rotate smoothly in a 360-degree motion, allowing for precise movement and positioning. 
  • Durable, long-lasting powder-coated finish
  • The heavy-duty construction of the trolley ensures its strength and durability
  • Accessories such as clipboards and parts boxes are available in stock
  • Lockable wheels as optional extras
  • 12-month frame warranty

Specifications for Heavy-Duty 6 Wheels Platform Trolley with Rocking Action:

Order Code: TS1AXL
Platform Size: 700 x 1200mm
Handle Height: 1050mm
Max Capacity: 520kg
Wheel Diameter: 6 inch / 150mm

With rocking action, businesses can significantly enhance maneuverability and efficiency when moving goods by utilising the Heavy-Duty 6-Wheels Platform Trolley. This trolley's ability to spin on its axis allows for quick and precise navigation, reducing the time and effort required to transport items.

Whether in warehouses, distribution centres, or other settings, this trolley provides a reliable solution for optimising material handling operations in tight spaces and crowded environments.

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