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Galvanised Tube Trolley - 350kg Rated
Price: AUD $390.50 (Ex GST AUD $355.00)
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Introducing our Galvanised Tube Trolley, a hard-wearing, heavy-duty solution with a 350kg load capacity. These single-deck stock trolleys are designed to maintain excellent maneuverability while carrying heavy loads.

Key Features of the Galvanised Tube Trolley:

Wheel Configuration: The trolley has 2 x 200mm fixed centre wheels and 4 x 125mm swivel castors, one at each corner. This wheel configuration provides stability, smooth movement, and easy steering, allowing for precise control even with substantial loads.

Rocking Feature: The trolley is designed with a slight rock from end to end, ensuring that the centre wheels remain in contact with the ground at all times. This feature enhances stability and prevents trolleys from tipping, even when navigating uneven surfaces.

Low Push Effort: The Galvanised Tube Trolley offers a low push effort despite its heavy-duty capacity, making it easier for users to maneuver and transport heavy loads.

Large Center Wheels: Including 200mm fixed centre wheels contributes to the trolley's excellent carrying capacity. These larger wheels provide smooth rolling and stability, making it easier to move heavy items with minimal effort.

Excellent Maneuverability: The combination of swivel castors at each corner ensures excellent maneuverability, allowing the trolley to easily navigate tight spaces and corners.

Specifications for Galvanised Tube Trolley:

Order Code:  GT600S
Capacity:  350kg
Deck Dimensions:  1200 x 600mm
Handle Height:  950mm

The Galvanised Tube Trolley is ideal for various industrial and commercial applications where heavy loads must be transported quickly and precisely. Its robust construction and well-thought-out wheel configuration ensures durability, stability, and ease of use.

Whether you need to transport goods in a warehouse, workshop, or any other setting, this Galvanised Tube Trolley provides the reliability and functionality required to handle heavy loads efficiently while maintaining maneuverability and control.

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