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Motorised Wheelie Bin Trolley

Motorised Wheelie Bin Trolley
Price: AUD $9,075.00 (Ex GST AUD $8,250.00)

Motorised Wheelie Bin Trolley Designed to transport two Wheelie Bins over distances.

Has 24V Dual Wheel Motor Drive

Use for moving heavy loads in Factory, Warehouse, Hospital or School environments.

Features of Motorised Wheelie Bin Trolley

  • Available in One, Two or Three bin options 120 Litre or 240 Litre
    Custom 6 Bin version available
  • 24V Dual wheel MotorDrive with Forward/Reverse 
  • Dual speed control with Emergency Stop
  • Battery charger
  • Sealed 42 AmpH gel batteries. 
  • Has Electromagnetic Braking
  • Six wheel configuration with swivel castors on the four corners with buffers.
  • Floating centre mount transaxle motor drive
  • Special suspension ensures that Drive System
    is in constant contact with the ground on all surfaces
  • Also includes extra heavy duty gas struts to create more down force on the motor drive
  • Has safety chain bin restraint
  • Mild Steel with Powdercoat finish with Colour Options
  • Designed to make moving a wheelie bin as effortless as walking
  • Has a roll-over bar which assists in loading the bin on and off,
    Eliminates lifting or using ramps


Single Double or Three bin options
Custom 6 Bin Wheelie Bin Trolley available
Custom bag hooks
Auxiliary Hook Over Baskets
Small storage for bags etc.

The 3 Bin Wheelie Bin Transport Trolley features an Electric Pick up Bracket to pickup the third Wheelie Bin (pictured below) 

3 bin Motorised Wheelie Bin Trolley Extra Bracket for 3rd bin

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