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450 Litre Tub Trolley - Straight Sided

450 Litre Tub Trolley - Straight Sided
Price: AUD $572.00 (Ex GST AUD $520.00)

Rotational Moulded Straight sided, multi purpose, tub trolleys can be used for general rubbish, linen, food, fruit bins, cereal bins, meat bins, seafood bins or any other food application.

Commonly used in Hotels, Restaurants, Laundries, Resorts, Factories.

Features of RotoMoulded Straight Sided 450 Litre Tub Trolley

  • Constructed from food safe FDA Approved polyethylene
  • Smooth surface for easy cleaning
  • Can be supplied as tub only (without castors)
  • Supplied standard with 4 x Swivel Castors.
  • Can be fitted with a rising base to prevent back injuries when loading and unloading especially in commercial laundries or hotels. (priced on application)

Options Below are all priced on application

  • Stainless steel base and castors suitable for the food industry Comes with corner castor pattern or diamond castor pattern
  • Standard dolly comes with corner castor pattern diamond castor pattern also available
  • Castor Type: 125mm Grey Rubber
  • Castor configuration
  • Company Branding
  • Drain bungs
  • Coil or hanging spring rising bases to save your back,
    Coil spring with Poly Top
    Coil spring with Galvanised Top
    Hanging spring Rising Base
  • Handles

Stock Colour is Natural (White) alternative Colours, Dark blue, Light blue, Light green, Lime green, Red, Black, Yellow, Purple, Magenta, Orange, Teal, Grey,

1240mm (rim) - 1130mm (base)
Width: 740mm (rim) - 630mm (base)
Height: 670mm + 150mm when configured with dolly including standard 125mm castors

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