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Powered Prestar Platform Trolley
Powered Prestar Platform Trolley

The Prestar Powered Assisted Platform Trucks are designed for various industries, such as retail, manufacturing, hospitality, universities, and colleges.

Here's a breakdown of the key features:

Power Assist Front Wheel Drive: Assists in moving heavy loads, making transporting them over long distances or rugged terrain easier.

Ultimate Design: Focus on functionality and efficiency, ensuring they can handle the demands of different industries.

Top-Quality Workmanship and Quality: High-quality materials and craftsmanship to ensure durability and longevity.

Environmentally Friendly: As there are no emissions, these trolleys can be safely used in confined spaces without concerns about air pollution.

Key Start: The key start feature prevents untrained individuals from using the unit, enhancing safety and security.

Variable Speed Control: Users can adjust the trolley's speed within a range of 2 km to a maximum of 5.5 km per hour, allowing for precise control depending on the load and environment.

No License Required: Users do not need a special license to operate these trolleys, simplifying their use in various settings.

On-Board Charger: Simplifies recharging the trolley, ensuring it's always ready for use.

Speed Governor: A safety feature that limits the maximum speed, enhancing safety, especially in busy or crowded environments.

Transaxle Drive: The transaxle drive system, sealed in an oil bath and without a chain, ensures reliability and reduces maintenance requirements.

Power Meter: The power meter provides information about the battery or power usage, helping users keep track of the trolley's status.

Emergency Stop: An emergency stop feature ensures that the trolley can be quickly halted in case of unexpected situations, further enhancing safety.

Automatic Park Brake: Keeps the trolley secure when it's stationary, preventing it from rolling away and ensuring safety during loading and unloading.

Folding Handle: Makes storage and transport of the trolley more convenient and space-efficient when not in use.

Powered Prestar Trolleys are Priced on Application P.O.A.  Please contact RJ Cox office for pricing.

Order Code: NF301-PA NG401-PA
Capacity: 300kg 500kg
Dimensions: 920 x 610mm 1240 x 790mm
Unit Weight: 63kg 84kg
Wheels: 130mm 200mm
Handle Height: 1000mm 1000km

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If you'd like more information or if you have any enquiries about the Powered Prestar Platform Trolley, please call +612 9457-2700 or fill in this form and we'll contact you.

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