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Battery Powered Motorised Wheelie Bin Trolley

Battery Powered Motorised Wheelie Bin Trolley

Looking for a convenient way to transport two-wheelie bins within your work environment? Check out our Motorised Wheelie Bin Trolley! This innovative trolley has a roll-over bar that eliminates the need for lifting or using ramps when loading and unloading bins.

Whether you're in a factory, warehouse, hospital, or school, our trolley makes bin transportation a breeze.

Features of Motorised Wheelie Bin Trolley:

  • 24-Volt Dual Wheel Motor Drive with forward and reverse and electromagnetic braking
  • Dual-speed control with Emergency Stop
  • Available in One, Two or Three bin options 120 Litre or 240 Litre (Custom 6 Bin version available)
  • Six-wheel configuration with swivel castors on the four corners with buffers.
  • Floating centre-mount transaxle motor drive
  • Special suspension ensures that Drive System is in constant contact with the ground on all surfaces
  • It also includes extra heavy-duty gas struts to create more downforce on the motor drive
  • Safety chain bin restraint
  • Mild Steel with Powdercoat finish with Colour Options
  • Designed to make moving a wheelie bin as effortless as walking
  • Sealed 42 Amp/H gel batteries
  • Battery charger

Optional Extras for Motorised Wheelie Bin Trolley Include:

  • Single, Double or Three bin options
  • Custom 6 Bin Wheelie Bin Trolley available
  • Custom bag hooks
  • Auxiliary Hook-Over Baskets
  • Small storage for bags etc.

The 3 Bin Wheelie Bin Transport Trolley features an Electric Pickup Bracket to pick up the third Wheelie Bin (pictured below):

3 bin Motorised Wheelie Bin Trolley Extra Bracket for 3rd bin

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