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Hexagonal Concrete Mould - CMHX90

Hexagonal Concrete Mould - CMHX90
Hexagonal Concrete Mould - CMHX90
Price: AUD $1,628.00 (Ex GST AUD $1,480.00)
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The Hexagonal Concrete Mould is a specialised tool used in construction for recycling leftover concrete onsite. This mould creates concrete blocks that can be utilised in various retaining wall applications.

Here are the features of the Hexagonal Concrete Mould - CMHX90L:

Lightweight and Stackable Design: The mould is lightweight and stackable, facilitating easy transportation and transfer to different locations within a construction site.

Fast and Easy Onsite Assembly: The mould's design allows for quick and straightforward assembly onsite. This speeds up the process of creating concrete blocks from leftover concrete.

Recycling Leftover Concrete Onsite: One of the primary functions of this mould is to recycle any leftover concrete by pouring it into its hexagonal shape. This prevents the wastage of concrete and promotes sustainable construction practices.

Use for Retaining Walls: The concrete blocks produced from this mould are intended for use in retaining wall applications. These blocks provide stability and structural support to retaining walls, commonly used in landscaping and construction projects.

Provision for Casting in Ferrule: The mould features a provision for casting in a ferrule, a type of metal sleeve or bushing. This allows for fast and easy positioning of the concrete blocks on site using the provided ferrule kit.

Ferrule Kit Included: The product includes a Ferrule Kit, which consists of an M20 eye bolt, ferrule, and reinforced bar. These components aid in the installation and positioning of the concrete blocks. Additional ferrules are available for purchase separately.

Finished Block Weight: The concrete blocks created using the mould have an approximate weight of 900kg each. This weight specification is important for determining load-bearing capacity and placement considerations.

Enamel Paint Finish: The mould is finished with an enamel paint coating. This coating provides a protective layer and enhances the mould's aesthetics.

Optional Key Plates: The product offers optional assorted key plates for versatility. These plates enable straight or curved stacking applications for concrete blocks. Key plates are available for purchase separately.

Specifications for Hexagonal Concrete Mould - CMHX90:

Capacity: 0.4 cu/m
Overall Dimensions: 1085 x 943 x 825mm
Concrete Block Dimensions: 900 x 780 x 750mm
Unit Weight: 163kg

Specifications of CMHX90-FK Ferrule Kit

  • Includes M20 Eye Bolt, Ferrule & Reinforced bar
Overall Dimensions:  830 x 580 x 6mm
Unit weight: 10kg

Specifications of CMHS90-SK Stacking Kit

  • Assorted Key Plates available for straight or curved stacking applications
Overall Dimensions: 230 x 200 x 80mm
Unit weight: 10kg

 The Hexagonal Concrete Mould: CMHX90L is a versatile tool designed to recycle leftover concrete on construction sites, transforming it into concrete blocks suitable for use in retaining wall applications. Its features focus on convenience, ease of use, and adaptability to different stacking configurations. This mould contributes to efficient resource utilisation and sustainable construction practices.

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