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Gas Cylinder Lockers for LPG and compressed gas cylinders

Gas Cylinder Lockers for LPG and compressed gas cylinders
Price: AUD $1,522.40 (Ex GST AUD $1,384.00)
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The Gas Cylinder Locker with a roof is designed to store four LPG cylinders safely.

Here are the features of Gas Cylinder Lockers:

Sturdy Construction: The locker is constructed with a sturdy, welded, all-aluminium frame that is resistant to rust, corrosion, and discolouration. This ensures durability and longevity.

Thick Metal Panels: The gas cylinder locker features solid 1.65mm thick metal panels, providing robustness and structural integrity.

Aluminium Mesh Panels: The locker also incorporates heavy-gauge 100% aluminium mesh panels, allowing visibility and ventilation while maintaining security.

Extruded Frame: An extruded frame enhances rigidity, ensuring the locker remains stable and secure.

Sloped Roof Panel: The locker's exclusive solid roof panel is designed to slope backward, enabling adequate water and ice shedding, thus protecting the cylinders from the elements.

Capacity: The locker can securely store four upright 9kg or 15kg LPG cylinders, ensuring proper containment and organisation.

Tamper Resistance: The gas cylinder locker is designed to resist tampering, providing an additional layer of security for the stored cylinders.

Lockable: It features a welded security lug for a padlock (padlock not included), allowing you to lock the locker and restrict unauthorised access.

Bolt-Down Provisions: The locker has provisions for bolting it down to the ground, enhancing stability and preventing theft or unauthorized movement.

Fully Assembled: The gas cylinder locker is shipped fully assembled, saving time and effort in installation.

Signage Compatibility: The locker has provisions for attaching signage (not included), allowing for clear identification and safety information.

Available in Various Sizes: Other sizes cater to different storage requirements besides the described gas cylinder locker.

The Gas Cylinder Locker with a roof provides a secure, durable solution for storing four LPG cylinders. Its robust construction, tamper resistance, lockable design, and compatibility with various cylinder sizes make it an excellent choice for ensuring the safe storage of gas cylinders.

Specifications of Gas Cylinder Locker 
Dimensions (W x D x H): 762 x 813 x 815mm  
Order Code   23009

Complies with AS 4332:2004 Storage and Handling of Gases in Cylinders

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