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Rectangular Tanks

Rectangular Tanks
Price: AUD $374.00 (Ex GST AUD $340.00)

Durable, rectangular tanks / crates,  are a versatile storage solution, to meet all your stacking or nesting requirements.

Available with straight or tapered sides.

Use in retail, warehousing, offices, domestic, medical situations.  

Features of Rectangular Tanks

  • Rectangular Tanks for stacking and nesting,
  • Choose either straight or tapered sides
  • Superior quality moulded plastic product
  • Quality controlled manufacturing
  • Exceed all national regulatory standards
  • Store virtually anything. 
  • Available in food grade.
  • Fittings and valves can also be attached
  • Choose from a wide range of colours and sizes
  • 60 litres to 1250 litres
  • Optional lids
  • Mobile Dolly Sold Separately (Priced on Application) Please ask for quote
  • Australian Made

Models Capacities and Dimensions

Straight Sided Tanks           



Rim Dimensions

Base Dimensions

Internal Dimensions 



 60 Litre 

L595 x W400 x H 370 mm

L560 x W 360  x H350mm 




170 Litre

L 1150  x W 635 x H 370mm  

L1015 xW 515 x H 330mm




300 Litre

L 1000 x W 700 x H 610mm

L 855 x W 550 x H 610m




450 Litre

L1350 x W 730 x H635mm

L 1220 x W 605 x H 600mm




850 Litre

L1255 x W 1105 x H 920mm

 L1065 x W915 x H 910 mm




1000 Litre

L1955 x W 890 x H 770mm

L 1830 x W 760 x H 760mm




Lid for 450 Litre






Lid for 1000 Litre 




Tapered Side Tanks







110 Litre 

L650 x W555x H440 mm

L540 x W435 x H415 mm

L600x W505 mm



125 Litre 

L685x W430 x

H 670 mm

L560 W315 H650 mm

L610  x W355 mm



250 Litre

L 1165x W 583x H 610 mm

L1020 x W 438 x H 590 mm

L1070 x 

W 493 mm


E 60

340 Litre

L660 X W 660 X H930 mm

L560 x W560 H915 mm



  E 615

450 Litre

L1385 x W H750 H 625 mm

L1110 x W 550 H 620 mm


W 620 mm



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