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Round Rubber Speed Hump - Standard Duty

Round Rubber Speed Hump - Standard Duty
Round Rubber Speed Hump - Standard Duty
Price: AUD $51.70 (Ex GST AUD $47.00)
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The Round Rubber Speed Hump: Standard Duty is a traffic-calming solution designed to control and reduce vehicle speeds in areas where traditional speed humps may not be appropriate or effective. 

Here are the key features of this speed hump:

Modular Design: This can be configured to any desired length, making it versatile and suitable for various road and traffic management applications. This modularity allows for customisation based on specific requirements.

Total Load-Bearing Contact Area: The speed hump provides a total load-bearing contact area with the road surface. This ensures stability and durability when vehicles pass over it, making it safe and effective at slowing down traffic.

45mm Height: The speed hump has a height of 45mm, which is designed to offer smoother approach and departure angles for a broader range of vehicles. This feature minimises the discomfort and jarring effects often associated with traditional speed humps.

Rubber Construction: Shock-absorbent, reducing the impact on vehicles and providing a smoother and quieter passage. Additionally, the flexibility of rubber allows it to conform to uneven road surfaces, ensuring consistent performance.

Suitable for Standard to Heavy Traffic: This speed hump is capable of handling standard to heavy traffic loads, making it versatile for various applications, including residential streets, commercial areas, parking lots, and industrial zones.

Fixings Supplied: The necessary fixings for installation are supplied with the speed hump. This ensures that the speed hump can be securely and conveniently installed, making it ready for use.

Specifications of Traffic Calming Rubber Hump:

Material: Solid natural and recycled rubber 
Finish: Black/Yellow moulded rubber sections 
Max. Load: 5 Tonne - Max Recommended load per axle
  Body Module End Caps
Length:  500mm 250mm
Width: 350mm 350mm
Height: 45mm 45mm
Weight: 7kgs each (Body modules) 2kgs

In summary, the Round Rubber Speed Hump: Standard Duty is designed to provide adequate traffic calming in situations where traditional speed humps may not be ideal. Its modular rubber construction and load-bearing contact area make it a versatile and durable solution for managing vehicle speeds and improving road safety.

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