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Slo-motion Steel Speed Hump

Slo-motion Steel Speed Hump
Slo-motion Steel Speed Hump
Price: AUD $251.90 (Ex GST AUD $229.00)
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The Slo-Motion Steel Speed Control System is a robust and independent set of steel modules designed to effectively control and reduce traffic speed in various areas, such as car parks, shopping centres, or factory complexes.

The features of the Slo-Motion Standard Duty Steel Speed Hump are as follows:

Enhanced Load-Bearing Contact Area: The speed hump's design provides more than four times the load-bearing contact area with the road surface compared to competitor products. This sturdy construction ensures the speed hump can withstand heavy traffic and constant use without compromising effectiveness.

Optional Rubber End Caps: The speed hump can be used with or without rubber end caps sold separately. These end caps may enhance the visibility of the speed hump and offer additional protection.

Comes with Fixings: The speed hump comes with fixings, making it ready for installation upon delivery.

Optional Gravel Spikes: Gravel spikes are available as an add-on, sold separately. These spikes can provide further stability and anchorage for the speed hump, especially on uneven surfaces.

Independent Modules: The speed hump comprises separate modules, making it easy to remove or rearrange the modules as needed. This flexibility allows for customization and adjustments based on specific traffic management requirements.

No Need for Rubber Underlay: Unlike other speed humps, the Slo-Motion Steel Speed Hump does not require a rubber underlay to prevent rattling. Its design ensures minimal noise during vehicle crossings.

Accessible Concealed Fixings: The fixings used to install the speed hump remain concealed, providing a neat and clean appearance. Additionally, the fixings are accessible for maintenance and adjustments.

Built-in Bridge Design: The modules of the speed hump have a built-in bridge design, allowing hoses or cables to pass underneath the speed hump without causing damage.

Heavy-Duty Option: For more demanding applications, a heavy-duty option is available in two lengths: SM1000HD (1 meter) and SM500HD (1/2 meter). The heavy-duty version offers increased strength and durability.

Complies with AS 2890.1:2004

Order Codes:
Slo-Motion standard duty speed hump - 1 metre
Slo-Motion standard duty speed hump - 1/2 metre
Rubber end caps - 1 pair
Steel end caps - 1 pair
Complete speed hump sign kit

Optional steel gravel spikes for fixing into loose surfaces 300x12mm each

Specifications of Slo-motion Standard-Duty Speed Hump:

3mm floor plate
500cm or 1 metre
3mm floor plate
65 x 30mm
10 Tonne - Max. recommended load per axle
SM1000 16.5kgs
SM500 9.2kgs for 1/2 metre
SMEC 4kgs/pair - (rubber)
SMSEC 5kgs/pair - (steel)

4 masonry anchors supplied


Overall, the Slo-Motion Standard Duty Steel Speed Hump offers a reliable and versatile solution for traffic calming, providing efficient speed control in various settings. Its durable steel construction, easy installation, and optional accessories suit multiple traffic management needs.

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