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Blade Runner One Way Access Spikes

Blade Runner One Way Access Spikes
Blade Runner One Way Access Spikes
Price: AUD $1,084.60 (Ex GST AUD $986.00)
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Blade Runner One-Way Access Road Spikes prevent vehicles from entering an area in the wrong direction. 

Here are the key features:

Independent Retracting Teeth: Each module has teeth that retract independently. When vehicles approach from the correct direction, the teeth retract, allowing the car to pass. However, if a vehicle attempts to cross the teeth from the wrong path, they lock up, causing significant tyre damage.

Heavy-Duty Steel Construction: The road spikes consist of 1000mm or 500mm heavy-duty steel modules and steel end caps, ensuring durability and strength to withstand vehicle impact.

High-Visibility Lime Green Powdercoat Finish: The spikes are coated with a high-visibility lime green powder coat, making them easily noticeable to drivers and enhancing safety.

Soft Approach: The road spikes have a low ramp angle and reduced height, enabling a gentle approach for vehicles passing from the correct direction.

Low Noise: Compared to older-style products, these road spikes produce lower noise levels, reducing noise pollution in the surrounding area.

Multiple Fixing Points: Each module has up to 8 fixing points per meter, ensuring a secure and stable installation.

Long-Lasting Spring Design: The road spikes feature a revolutionary spring design that enhances their lifespan, reducing maintenance requirements.

Low Maintenance: The design and materials used in the road spikes minimise maintenance needs, making them cost-effective and efficient for long-term use.

Please note: Always check with your local authority or controlling body to ensure one-way access spikes are allowable in your situation (this is the end user’s responsibility).
One-way access spikes should always be placed clear of intersections and curved roadways. Failure to heed these warnings will void all warranties.

Specifications of Blade Runner One-Way Access Spikes:

Description: One-way access spikes
Finish: Lime green powder coat and orange
Top skin: 6mm floor plate
Length: 500 or 1000mm
Width: 380mm
Height: Teeth up 95mm
  Teeth retracted 50mm
Weight: 500mm - 13kgs approx.
  1000mm - 26kgs approx.
  Ends - 5kgs per pair
Fixings: 500mm - 4 (supplied)
  1000mm - 8 per (supplied)

Part #
Blade Runner one-way access control 1000mm complete with fixings
Blade Runner one-way access control 500mm complete with fixings
Blade Runner end caps (pair)
NO ENTRY Road Spikes - Sign kit 
STOP Road Spikes - Sign Kit

Overall, Blade Runner One-Way Access Road Spikes are an effective and robust solution for controlling the direction of vehicle traffic, preventing unauthorised entry, and ensuring safety in restricted areas.

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