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Traffic Calming Rubber Speed Hump

Traffic Calming Rubber Speed Hump
Traffic Calming Rubber Speed Hump
Price: AUD $122.10 (Ex GST AUD $111.00)
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Modular Heavy-Duty Rubber Traffic Calming System with Interlocking Components is designed for situations where traffic speed needs to be controlled, but traditional speed humps are unsuitable. 

Features of Heavy-Duty Rubber Traffic Calming System:

  • Solid Rubber capable of handling heavy traffic supplied with fixings
  • Safety yellow hi-vis anti-slip insert panels increase visibility and improve pedestrian safety
  • Full load-bearing contact area with the road surface
  • You can configure the modular system to any desired length
  • Concealed fixings remain accessible
  • Highly shock-absorbent rubber is both quiet and smooth in operation
  • Rubber speed humps conform to uneven surfaces
  • Smoother approach and departure angles mean a wider range of vehicles can pass over them

Order Codes:
Traffic calming Middle Hump 900x500mm
Traffic calming hump end cap (pair) 900x270mm *sold as male and female pair only*

Specifications for Traffic Calming Rubber Speed Hump:

Description: Traffic calming system using interlocking body and end modules
Material: Solid natural and recycled rubber
Finish: Moulded black rubber with yellow panels
Length: 900mm
Width: Body - 500mm
  End - 270mm.
Height: 50mm
Weight: Body - 20kgs each
  End - 15.9kgs pair
Fixings: 5 per body (supplied)
  6 per pair of ends (supplied)

Traffic Calming Job Number

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