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Traffic Calming Rubber Speed Hump

Traffic Calming Rubber Speed Hump
Price: AUD $104.50 (Ex GST AUD $95.00)

SMTC900  SMTC900E  Heavy Duty Rubber, Traffic Calming System with Interlocking Components

HD Rubber Traffic Calming Speed Humps. Designed for situations where traffic speed needs to be controlled but traditional speed humps are not suitable. 

Features of Heavy Duty Rubber, Traffic Calming System

  • Solid Rubber Traffic Calming Speed Hump.
  • Capable of handling heavy traffic
  • Safety yellow anti-slip insert panels increase visibility and improve pedestrian safety
  • Full load bearing contact area with road surface
  • Modular system can be configured to any length
  • Fixings supplied
  • Concealed fixings remain accessible
  • Highly shock absorbent rubber is both quiet and smooth in operation
  • Rubber speed humps conform to uneven surfaces
  • Smoother approach and departure angles, mean a wider range of vehicles can pass over them

Order Codes
Traffic calming Middle Hump 900x500mm
Traffic calming hump end cap (pair) 900x270mm *sold as male and female pair only*


Description: Traffic calming system using interlocking body and end modules
Material: Solid natural and recycled rubber
Finish: Moulded black rubber with yellow panels
Length: Body - 500mm
  End - 270mm.
Width: 900mm (both body and end modules)
Height: 50mm
Weight: Body - 20kgs each
  End - 15.7kgs pair
Fixings: 5 per body (supplied)
  6 per pair of ends (supplied)

Traffic Calming Job Number

Traffic Calming Rubber Speed Bump
 Traffic Calming Rubber Speed Hump PDF

Traffic Calming Speed Hump Centre Section  Traffic Clamin Speed Hump End Modules



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