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M-SPAN: Cool Room, Freezer and Dry Store Shelving

M-SPAN: Cool Room, Freezer and Dry Store Shelving


Designed to be an economical, lifetime shelving system.

Constructed with a subframe, moulded over with a Food Grade Polypropylene surface.

Reduces the cost and the carbon footprint. Benefits both the customer and the environment.


Features of M-SPAN Cool Room, Freezer and Dry Store Shelving

  • HACCP Australia Approved 
  • Has built in Life Antimicrobial Protection
  • Suitable for coolroom, drystore and freezer use.
  • Temperatures from +90 deg C  to -30 deg C.
  • Clear Access Corners, and Add On Bays, using shelf clips, 
    eliminate 2 posts (See picture below)
  • 304 grade Stainless Steel or Galvanised Posts
  • Holes in the large, flat, open shelves, enhance airflow during storage
  • Easy to assemble without tools
  • Warranties on shelves and posts (See below)

Shelf dimensions

  • Shelf Widths -  310mm, 460mm and 610mm.
  • Shelf Lengths - 600, 750, 900, 1050, 1200, 1350 and 1500mm

 Post Height

  • 3 tiers 1200mm High
  • 4 tiers: 1800mm High
  • 5 tiers:  2000mm High

Weight Loading

M-Span shelves
 Sizes up to 1200mm long, evenly spaced Rated to 200kgs per tier
                            Sizes 1350mm and1500mm, evenly spaced are rated to 150kg per tier 

Shelf Clips  Rated up to 150kg up to 1200mm shelf length
                                            100kg for 1350mm and 1500mm long shelves.


Assembly    M-Span Shelving is quick and easy to assemble . No tools needed.. 
                     Clear Access Corners and Add On Bays use stainless steel M-Span shelf clips eliminating 2 posts.
                     All posts come with nylon adjustable feet.

Warranty        M-Span Shelves: 20 Year Non Corrosion Warranty 
                     + 12 Months Structural Warranty against manufacturing defects.

Posts Warranty Both stainless and Galvanised Posts have a 12 Month Structural Warranty against manufacturing defects.

Environment      The energy required to produce M-SPAN shelving has been hugely reduced. 
                            Therefore this system has a smaller carbon footprint.
                             All parts of the M-Span shelf are recyclable.

Mantova M-Span Shelving 

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